Approx. 9 m, 6 w, 3 flexible, extras which can be audience members
Script: 42 pages. About 50 minutes.
With graduation fast approaching, two groups of students of Bellefonte High confront each other in an attempt to influence the next year’s curriculum of the school. With recollections of past bullying, revealed secret lives, hinted-at romances, and numerous quotations from Shakespeare’s most famous plays, these teenagers set up a mock trial to decide if Shakespeare should be studied next year. Like current day Montagues and Capulets, the students do plenty of verbal fencing -- with a little Romeo and Juliet romance thrown in -- to ultimately decide if the Bard is worthy of teens’ time! The cast ranges from the class clown to the valedictorian who lapse into Shakespearean characters. The flexible casting provides opportunities for some wonderful soliloquies as well as smaller roles for actors seeking less responsibility. Additionally, members from the audience may play some of the jurors.


Shakespeare on Trial

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