The men entered the clearing as the sun came up.  Though they were tired, they cleared the brush with a vengeance looking for Oonambe.  They had fanned out in a straight line and moved through the jungle in all directions all night.
One of the warriors spotted the boy amid the lions and let out a loud yell to Oonambe’s father.  This roused the lion and the cubs.  The men, fearing the worse,  prepared to encircle the lion and kill it in the hopes of recovering Oonambe’s body for a proper burial.  Oonambe’s father was overcome with grief.
The lion paced around the cubs and Oonambe. As the warriors circle got smaller and smaller, the lion’s circle got smaller and smaller. Poised with their spears in their hands and almost ready to throw, the warriors let out a loud yell that startled the lion who accidentally stepped on Oonambe.
Oonambe jumped up and for a minute couldn’t remember why he wasn’t in his own bed.  As he cleared his eyes, he saw the lion first and then his father.  He smiled. He had been found.
 With a casual air, he hugged the lion good-bye and motioned to the men to put down their spears.  His father had been wrong to shake his stick at the drawings of the lions in the dirt. Lions were good. No more would he just mimic what the others of the village did.  He would not shake sticks at lions and he would not let them either.
And, he would no longer look afraid after you see the lightning. How silly to be afraid of nothing!

The End
This story was written to show that as readers we assume characters are just like
we are. Oonambe is different than most people. If you look only at the
“plot,” you will see what his difference is.
If you think you have figured it out or would like to know what it is, email
and I will give you the answer.