A Walk in the Jungle
 Oonambe was lost.  Though he never heard the word, he knew the idea.  He knew he was lost the minute he didn’t see his father or any of the other men.  He didn’t know how it happened.  It just did.  One minute they were all around him, the next they were gone.  He brushed the vines away from his face and walked not knowing where.  He could see a bit of light in the distance, perhaps a clearing, maybe even the village.
He wasn’t what you would call afraid.  Having lived in his isolated world all of his life, he was use to being alone. What he wasn’t use to was the jungle.  He had spent all of his seven years in the village.  When other boys half his age went into the jungle with the men, he was forced to stay at home with the women and weave baskets.
Now he was alone amid the tall trees and wondered what all the fuss was about.  It wasn’t much different than the village.
Not two inches from his short cropped hair a copperheaded snake hissed in his ear.
Oonambe decided that the light looked too far off and decided to just sit on a fallen tree and wait for his father to find him.  Never had he been left alone for more than a few minutes so he was sure that his father and the other men must be looking for him now.
As he sat on the tree trunk he bent down and looked at the mushrooms that were growing near his foot.  He picked one up and was ready to eat it when  something stung him where he sat.  He jumped off the log throwing the mushroom in the air as he did.  It was only then that he realized that he had sat right on a beehive!  There were hundreds of bees under the log buzzing around and darting here and there.
Just then he saw a flash of light in the sky.  He knew that that could mean rain.  A few minutes later he saw yet another flash, this time much brighter, above his head.  Doing what he saw the other boys do, he stood perfectly still a few seconds and then looked afraid.  It never seemed to make sense to him to be afraid after you saw the light in the sky, but then again, lots of things didn’t seem to make sense to him.
Fearing the rain might come at any moment, he began walking towards the light again. Now the lights in the sky came faster and faster and he thought he felt a drop of water on his bare shoulder.  Looking up, he could see during the bight flashes of light that the leaves above him were all wet and starting to drip down.
In a few seconds he was at the start of the clearing and to his great disappointment it was not the village. He was hesitant to walk through the clearing because now he could see that the rain was very heavy and the