The Set: Television show about women who kill. They are doing a remote from the prison.
These are done as Dramatic Monologues
We open with audience applause sound effects.
VO:  We’re on in five, four, three , two, one...
OV Female  host:    Today we examine women who kill, women who are in prison for     murder....Is this something any one of us would do in the same     circumstances, We’re broadcasting via satellite from the NJ State     Prison. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories with us today......
  So, why do women kill?

STEPHANIE: Why do women kill? Why is it that when you have a show that has only men on it you just call it, Murders or maybe Serial Killers? What has being a women got to do with it? You know,  that's why women still haven't gotten their just due in the world...we're still treated differently than men....were softer, were meeker, weaker, ...don't buy into it ladies...we're just as tough as the men....and I proved, not in the killing, I don't like when people call it murder...I hate wasn't murder....killing for no reason...I killed the son of a bitch because he was out to shake me down for more money than he was worth...that's right, worth....Oh, you can't put a value on human life?  Who says?  Not him....he put the value of his life at twenty million....that's what he wanted in the divorce settlement....he just wasn't worth that much....he was my son's TEACHER  for god much can they earn?.....I'm one of the ten wealthiest people...not women....why do they have a separate category for that...ask yourself that ladies....because we're not expected to earn as much as the men....because we're not WORTH as much as the men???, I'd say, twenty  million was over his I

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