Time: The present
Location: Elevator, Empire State Building

Scene: As the lights come up, we see TIM, entering the elevator and picking up the telephone. He’s carrying an obvious bomb-looking device.
The elevator is only visible up to the top of the elevator. Above this point there is a curtain to hide all actions that occur on the car’s roof.)

(into phone) OK, Bob, I’ve got the tools from the maintenance room on the 89th floor. Now, get me to the top and let’s blow the lid off this place...Yeah, I made sure I didn’t touch them with my hands...do you think I’m dumb or somethin’? Take me to the top and let’s do it...we haven’t got that much time.

(We see the door close and hear the sound of an elevator rising. As the doors open again we see Tim dropping from the trap door in the ceiling)

OK, Bob, it’s all set. Start the elevator down. Yeah, I know I’m gunna be a hero...sure you too, just get me down to the 99th so that I can plant these tools in the stairwell. Those dumb FBI guys will spend weeks looking for clues for how the supposed “Maintenance Bombers” escaped.

(The elevator doors shut and we hear the elevator moving. Doors open and Tim exits the elevator and goes off to plant the tools.
Enter teenager, boombox on shoulder walking into the elevator. Tim returns. Both just stand there as the elevator doesn’t move.

Looks like the elevator’s stuck.

What the hell do you want me to do about it? Just another example of the putrid state of this country.

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