(emphasizine the MR) Mr. Johnson, ....home ec teacher? (She digs into her pocketbook)) Here are two tickets to NYC Ballet this Saturday, Swan Lake, hand them in instead of the assignment and I'm sure you'll have no problem....Two tickets and $150....last offer.

Well, if you're sure Mr. Johnson won't be angry.

Trust me.(they exchange money and tickets for plums...Lorraine starts to walk away. Phone rings and Barbara looks at the number this time)
Yes, Jill, everything has been brought under control.....What? What do you mean there are no plums in plum pudding? Why the hell do they call it plum pudding?

Funny, isn't it, the name plum pudding, when really prune pudding would be more apt....Listen, just a hint from a high school kid who doesn't know about the  art of the deal as you say....if you ever make Baked Alaska, there's no real estate in that.....