No Plums

Set: A road-side stand somewhere in Central New Jersey
Characters: Barbara, Executive, very well dressed
     Lorraine, high school student

As the curtain goes up, we see Lorraine, picking up fruit from the bins. We note that there is only one bag in the bin marked  "plums."
Barbara enters talking on her cell phone and approaching the bin with the bag of plums.

Jill, I've left the office and I’m in NJ about twenty minutes from home. I just stopped off to pick up the plums. Did you get the recipe? Why not? I hate computers! Well, use Cynthia's computer. I need that recipe faxed to my house. Of course I'm sure I can do this. I don't run a multi-million dollar ad agency on my looks you know. I did try every bakery in NYC, no plum pudding...seems it's some kind of Christmas special thing. This has to go right tonight. Alister has to sign those merger papers. If he wants plum pudding, he gets plum pudding. (She sees Lorraine pick up the last bag of plums) Gotta go...)  STOP!


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you . But I need those plums.

So do I.

Listen, why don't you pick up a nice apple pie for your mom instead.

They're not for my mom. They're for me.

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